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How to create the perfect makeup lesson
How to create the perfect makeup lesson

Here’s a 5 step template to use every time you create a LessonMate makeup!

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Step 1

Give your makeup a title (you may want to wait till the end because the title should reflect the bulk of the lesson content).

Step 2

Summarize the contents of the makeup lesson in the text box, noting method books, page numbers, etc.

Step 3

“Greeting” video: Say “Hi” and repeat info about what you’ll be covering in the lesson. This includes a review of the previous week’s lesson and what new things you’re going to introduce.  
“Last week we were playing _______. Keep practicing ________”.

Step 4

“New concept” video(s): Give your student something new to work on/think about for the week ahead.
“Let’s continue with the next section of _____” or “Let’s begin looking at ____”.

Important: Each video should be about one idea and never more than 3 minutes. If you’ve got a lot to say, say it over multiple videos. Resist the urge to combine concepts into one video.

Step 5

Upload new docs the student might need in order to work on the new material. You can upload straight from files on your laptop or if you’re using your mobile device, from cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. If nothing else, you can take a photo of sheet music and upload.

That’s it!

Repeat these steps and your makeups will always be simple to make and easy for students to understand and digest. 

Remember that everything you upload is saved in your Library and can be used again (once you Fave it) in lessons with other students.

Bonus material

If you're feeling inspired, do these extras:

  • Attach a YouTube video - something instructional, informative or inspiring!

  • Upload an MP3 as a backing track to play along with.

Here's a sample of a LessonMate Makeup -  click on it to check it out!

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