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What are 'active' and 'inactive' students?
What are 'active' and 'inactive' students?
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What's the difference?

In LessonMate and 'active' student is one signed to any teacher or class. An 'inactive' student is one not assigned to a teacher or class.

Why is there a difference?

We only charge for active students. This is why your active student count may be lower than your total number of students in LessonMate.

You can keep as many inactive students in LessonMate as you like and they won't count towards your plan. This is handy for keeping students around who are on a break or hold and will be returning.

How do I mark a student as inactive?

Simply removing a student from all teachers and classes will automatically mark them as inactive. Teachers can keep their student roster clean themselves with the 'X' button next to the student's name in their list.

For group classes you can simply remove the teacher from the class but leave all the students in there. This has the same effect and will enable the student to become inactive as long as they're not assigned directly to any other teachers. This is useful for classes that run occasionally.

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