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How to get the best video angles for your instrument.
How to get the best video angles for your instrument.

Put your instrument in the picture! Here's how.

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When we record video in LessonMate, we want to make sure we're getting our instrument and our hands in the picture. Kids won't watch videos if they can't see what's going on!

The best angels are going to be recorded by portable smaller devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Front facing instruments 

Guitar, violin, saxophone, flute and trumpet are examples of front facing instruments. If we place our video recording device in front of us, we'll be able to record an informative video for our students.

A music stand will work fine. An even better option is the boom mic stand/boom mic stand smartphone clip.

Music stand
Boom mic stand -
Boom Mic stand clip mount -

Overhead facing instruments 

Piano, drums, xylophone are examples of overhead facing instruments. We want to record these instruments from above.

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