Resend a welcome email

Easily resend the welcome email to any family, teacher or admin.

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Sometimes you need to resend the welcome email to a family, teacher or admin. The welcome email contains the user's sign in details and a link to the LessonMate sign in page. If the email is lost or misplaced, it's easy to resend it.

Sending Rules

  • School owners can resend a welcome email to families, teachers and admins.

  • Admins can resend to families and teachers but not other admins.

How to resend the welcome email

To resend a welcome email go to the user's profile page:

  • for a family, click Students then click the student's email address

  • for a teacher, click Teachers then click the teacher's name

  • for an admin, click Admins then click the admin's name

You should now be on the user's profile page. Scroll down to see the actions panel.

Click Resend Welcome to resend the welcome email to this user.

The button text will change to 'Done!' when the welcome email has been sent.
NOTE: if the user has previously changed their password it will be reset to the default when the welcome email is resent.

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