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Using the Teacher Library

Your own personal and private file storage area.

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Every file you record or upload - videos, PDFs, MP3s and photos - are automatically saved to your teacher library to be used again in any lesson. Each teacher library is a personal and private space for files.

To access your Library on laptop or desktop click 'Library' in the header.

On your mobile device, you access it from the sidebar menu. First tap the menu icon at the top left then tap 'Library'.

You'll see all the files you uploaded into LessonMate for all your students.

You can sort by date, file type or favorites. To use a file from your Library in another lesson mark it as a favorite by clicking the star icon on the left.

To rename an upload click the name, update it then hit Enter/Return.

To download any file click the download icon on the right.

Delete a file using the 'Delete' button. Be aware this will remove the file both from your library and ay lesson it has been used in.

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