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Access everything on you mobile device!

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You can access your Library with all your automatically stored uploads - videos, photos, MP3s, Pdf’s - on your mobile device. Any of your favorited uploads can then be pulled up in your “Favs” panel and used in any lesson for any student, any time!

Let's check it out -

To access your mobile library, tap the nav icon on the top left of your teaching home page.

Tap on Library

You'll now see all your uploads. You can search by upload type and date as well as by name.
*You'll have to Favorite the upload in your Library in order for it to show in your "Favs" panel on your lesson page.

Now, let's use your Library

On a students lesson page, tap "Add Fave" 

All your favorited items from your Library will now show.

Tap "Add to Lesson" on the upload you want use in your new lesson

Lesson now has the upload from your library!

The "Add New" button

You can access PDFs, videos, photos and MP3s from your Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive accounts and attach them directly to a new lesson note on any iOS device! 

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