How to Create a Lesson Template

Save time by saving a template that will show up in every lesson

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To save time making lessons you can create a text template that will appear in all your lessons. You can change or reset your template at any time.

How to use the template function

Create text that works for most of your lesson notes.

Click on the Save Template button. It will turn red while it's working.

Now all your new lessons will start with this template text!

What should I use as my template text?

Your teaching process will determine what your template text will be. Do you use the same type of books with all your students? Do all your lessons follow the same flow?

Once you've made a handful of lessons you'll start to see what text you write every time - turn this into a template! You're not stuck with it - you can change it any time!

How to reset your template

  1. Go to a new lesson

  2. Delete all the text content

  3. Click the Save Template button

This will reset your template and all your new lessons will start blank 🙌

If you have any questions let us know!

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