How to Resend a Lesson

Here's how admins can resend a lesson to a student.

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Sometimes you need to resend a lesson to a student. Maybe they deleted the original email, maybe they changed email address. Admins can resend lessons to students using the Resend feature.

NOTE: Resend is only available for private student (one-to-one) lessons. Group class lessons cannot be resent at this time.

From your admin dashboard go to the Teacher List:

Find the teacher who made the lesson and click 'Sign in As':

Find the lesson in the list and click 'Resend':

After a short pause while it's working you'll see 'Done!'

The lesson has been resent to the student! πŸŽ‰Β 

Click 'Back to Admin' at the top of the page to return to you Admin Dashboard.


If you have the direct link to the lesson you need to resend, like, you can paste that link into the browser when you're signed in to your admin account. No need to sign in as the teacher! πŸ™Œ

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