How to Name and Rename Uploads

Give your uploaded content recognizable names to make life easier!

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When you add new uploads to a lesson - recorded (or pre-recorded) video, photos, PDFs, MP3, etc, give the new content a proper name.

Having recognizable, searchable names for your uploaded files will make reusing them in multiple lessons effortless.

Everything you upload in LessonMate is automatically saved in your Library. With a good naming system you can search for specific content quickly and easily.

You can rename an upload in two places in LessonMate:

  1. Immediately after recording/uploading to a lesson

  2. In your teacher library:

To rename an upload:

  • Click/tap the upload name (like "Untitled Video")

  • Type the new name (like "Let It Be - Chorus")

  • Hit Enter/Return on desktop or Go/Done on mobile

Remember - an upload only has one name. This means if the upload is used in multiple lessons it will show the same name in every lesson. For this reason it's best to use generic names for often-used uploads, like "Let It Be - Chorus", rather than personalized names, like "Guitar riff for Sally".

Renaming an upload in the library means it will be renamed everywhere it's used.

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