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Here's how to deal with sub teachers in LessonMate

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When a teacher is absent and a substitute is arranged admins can give the sub teacher access to the regular teacher's students for a limited time.

πŸ‘€ Sub Account

First make sure the sub has a teacher account in LessonMate, if they don't already have one. Go to Teachers then fill in the 'Add a Teacher' form.

✏️ Assign Students

Next, go to the Student List and click the student name to edit their info. Twirl down the 'Assign to teachers' section and check the sub teachers name. Finally hit 'Update Student'. Do this for every student that needs to be assigned to the sub teacher.

πŸ”— Share Recent Lessons

If you want the sub teacher to see what the student is working on use the share links for each lesson. Use the Sign In As feature to access the students lesson dashboard then right-click and copy the Share link in the top of each lesson. Email these links to the sub teacher in advance.

πŸ“… Sub Day

When the sub teacher signs in on their sub day they will see all the students they're covering for the day. They will also have the shared lesson links emailed to them.

✏️ Un-assign Students

When the sub day is done repeat the 'assign students' process to un-assign the student from the sub.

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