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How to lock and unlock accounts
How to lock and unlock accounts

Lock an account to prevent that user from accessing LessonMate.

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Teacher and family accounts can be locked by the school owner or admins.

Locked accounts cannot sign in to LessonMate but the account information and any associated data (lessons, uploads, etc) are kept safe.

Accounts can be locked and unlocked at any time.

To lock an account head to the account profile page. For example, to lock a teacher account head to the Teacher List page then click the teacher's name or email to visit their profile page.

At the bottom of the page you'll see the actions panel. Tap the 'Lock Account' button in the Account Lock section to lock the account.

When an account is locked you'll see a small lock icon next to the account name on the list page. Here the account for teacher David Jones is locked:

When a user with a locked account attempts to sign in they will see an error message.

Unlocking an account follows the same process. The button in the Account Lock section will read 'Unlock Account'.

Note: when an account is locked the admin 'Sign In As' feature is not available for that account. To sign in as a locked account you should temporarily unlock the account then lock again when you return back to your admin account.

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