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The idea of LessonMate really started to take form when we began to acknowledge a truly important component of the educational process - transparency. Everyone knowing what’s going on week to week, month to month. Teacher, student and family. Transparency simply means that no one is in the dark, no one is confused about expectations and everyone understands the common goal.

Enter the Weekly LessonMate Note. Your path towards transparency.

Unlike the LessonMate Makeup, the weekly note is a brief summary of what was worked on in the lesson and what should be worked on for the week ahead. You’ve got a list of features to choose from in LessonMate — recording videos, embedding youtube clips, attaching pdf’s and mp3’s, ect. You don’t need to use them all. In fact, with the weekly note, you shouldn’t.

Here are some tips to creating your weekly lessons note:

  • Try to be brief. Remember, the idea is to give the student something to reference during the week and the family some indication of what’s happening in lessons and how the student is doing. Also, In the event there is a last minute sub, the weekly lesson note will help the sub jump right in with some good lesson info on the student.

  • Use the template feature. Specific text that you find yourself writing every lesson (Lesson Book page…Theory book page…New Song… ) can be set to appear automatically on every student’s lesson page. Look for it in the text editor above the text box.

  • If your device (cell phone, tablet) has a voice function for typing, use it. It really speeds things up.

  • We recommend not waiting till the end of the lesson to create the whole lesson note, but writing bits along the way.

Let’s avoid student confusion and let’s give that parent who is wondering at 10:00pm “What’s going on in those lessons?!” a place to go and find out :)

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