The Lesson List page

A list of all lessons created at your school.

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Owners and admins can access the Lesson List page as part of the Studio Dashboard.

List Columns

The list shows all lessons created at your school, with columns for lesson title, lesson date, teacher name and the student or class the lesson was made for.

There are also extra 'icon' columns that show if the lesson is a makeup, the number of attachments, the number of messages and if it has been viewed by the student/family.

List Filters

There are two types of filters to help you find the lessons you need.

  • TYPE allows you to filter by the type of lesson, including makeups.

  • TIME allows you to restrict the time to certain useful periods.

The TYPE filter is useful for just showing recent makeup lessons, or showing lessons without uploads, for example. The TIME filter is great for just showing today's or yesterday's lessons.

Used in combination you could show just yesterday's makeup lessons. This is great for daily reconciling makeup lessons with your attendance reports to ensure teachers are creating makeups as needed.

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