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Upload files and record video direct to your teacher library

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Besides uploading files and recording video in your lessons you can also upload and record direct to your teacher library. This is useful when creating reusable content like technique videos, sheet music PDFs, hand position images, etc.

Head to your teacher library by clicking the Library link in the top (or side) menu. Then tap the "+ New" button in the header.

Add your file πŸ“‚

You can choose a file from your local device (phone, tablet, desktop/laptop) or from connected cloud services like Google Drive, Google Photos or Dropbox.

Record a video πŸ”΄

To record a video tap the camera icon. You may need to allow access to your camera and microphone. If so, your browser will show a message with an 'Accept' or 'Allow' button.

Direct upload πŸš€

When you've chosen your file, or recorded a video, it will upload direct to the library. During upload a progress bar will appear under the header. After successfully uploading your new file will appear in the library grid.

Name your files ✏️

Take this opportunity to make sure your file has a recognizable name. Change the name by tapping it and typing a new one.

Automatic faves 🌟

Files uploaded direct to the library are automatically 'faved' so they're available in your Faves panel for adding to lessons.

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