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Quick tour of your Studio Dashboard
Quick tour of your Studio Dashboard

Your Studio Dashboard is the heart of your LessonMate account.

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The Studio Dashboard is your window to everything happening within your LessonMate account. Let's take a look.

Clicking on any of the large purple rectangles takes you the the list page for that resource. From there you can view, add, edit or delete:

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Classes 

  • Admins

From the Student List you can also view/edit families and assign students to private teachers and group classes.

On the Lesson List page you can view/edit/delete any lesson created by any of your teachers. You can also resend lessons to students if required.

The Upload List page shows you a chronological list of everything (videos, photos, audio files, PDFs and other files) uploaded by your teachers.

An Admin is anyone else on your team you'd like to have access to your Studio Dashboard. You can add as many admins as you like.

So go on, open up your dashboard and poke around!

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