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Test your internet speed
Test your internet speed

How to test your internet speed while using LessonMate.

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Uploading video and other files with LessonMate requires a fast internet connection.

You can test your internet connection speed by visiting Google and searching for 'speed test' then clicking the 'Run Speed Test' button.

NOTE: be sure to run the test in the same location and under the same conditions as you would normally be uploading files. For instance: same time of day, same number of other people on your wifi connection, etc.

The test takes around 30 seconds and will give you two numbers at the end - your download speed and your upload speed.

Download and uploads speeds are often different and some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) provide much slower upload speeds than download.

Uploads speeds of at least 10 Mbps will allow your teachers to upload 1-5 minute videos in reasonable times. The exact times will vary depending on the device used and the quality of the wifi connection.

Remember also that your connection is divided between the number of people using it. This means if you have 5 teachers all uploading video at the same time they will each see slower speeds.

Also, if you allow your parents and students to connect to your wifi while they're at the school this will also reduce the speed available to your teachers.

If you're experiencing slow upload speeds while using LessonMate run the speed test and send us the results so we can figure out what the issue is.

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