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Emails in the spam folder
Emails in the spam folder
If our emails end up in your spam or junk folders try these tips.
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Some email apps, especially free email like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, have overly strict spam filters that can send legitimate emails to the spam folder by mistake.

If our lesson notification or welcome emails are ending up spam try this:

  • Find the email in your Spam or Junk folder

  • Move the email back into your Inbox

  • Mark it as 'Not Spam'

  • Add to your contacts or 'whitelist'

Doing these actions will stop our emails from going to your spam folders in the future and, more importantly, will signal to the email apps (Gmail, etc) that our emails are legitimate and should go to the inbox for everybody πŸ˜€

We're always looking at ways to avoid our emails going to spam.

If you still experience this after following these actions please let us know!

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