Recorded Video

While we don't currently have any explicit file size limits on recorded video we advise keeping them to around 2-3 minutes.

It's better to split a longer idea into several parts and record and upload separate videos. It makes uploading faster and is easier for the student to digest.

Uploaded Files

The same thing applies to files uploaded from your device. Larger files will take longer to upload so try to keep the size as small as possible.

Remember - you can add as many recordings and files to a lesson as you like! 🙌

Your Library

Don't forget your teacher library! If you record a video or upload a file that you might want to use again later head over to your library and 'fave' it. Now you can add it to any new lesson from the Add Fave button without having to upload it again! 🎉 

Upload Speed

The speed that your files upload is based on the file size (determined by video quality and duration) and your internet connection. Larger files on a slower or low quality connection will take substantially longer to upload than smaller, shorter videos on a strong connection.

Learn how to test your upload speed here

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