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Recorded video has no audio
Recorded video has no audio

If your recorded video has no sound these tips should help

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If your recorded video has no audio/sound it could be caused by a number of issues.

Try these tips to get sound back in your videos.

  1. Check the volume - make sure the device's volume isn't set to zero

  2. Check the Ring/Silent switch - make sure it's not set to Silent

  3. Check the case - some phone cases can cover or obscure the microphone

  4. Disable Bluetooth - connected Bluetooth devices may cause silent recordings

  5. Update your OS to the latest version - this can fix odd software glitches

  6. Restart your device - this can also fix glitches

Some ways to check your microphone is recording properly:

  1. Record some audio in the Voice Memo app to make sure the audio works

  2. Record a video in the Camera app to ensure the video has sound

If you still have issues with silent video recordings after trying all these tips please get in touch!

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