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Lesson messages for families and teachers
Lesson messages for families and teachers

Your families can exchange lesson messages with their teacher.

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Lesson messages allow families and teachers to exchange messages within individual lessons. This is great for simple follow-up questions from the family or for the teacher to pass on extra info related to the lesson.

Note: to enable/disable the feature for your school see this article.

How It Works

The family uses the ‘Leave a message’ section at the bottom of the lesson to send a message to their teacher.

The teacher will receive an email with a link to reply.

The teacher can click the link in the email to leave a message for the family.

The family will see the teacher's reply in the lesson. They will also receive an email containing the reply and a respond link.


  • Only the teacher who created the lesson and the family the lesson was created for can send messages in the lesson.

  • Admins and owners can see all messages and delete them if required, but they can't send messages.

  • Owners can enable/disable the feature for the whole school.


The lesson messages feature is currently only available for private lessons.

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