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LessonMate Studio Starter Kit
LessonMate Studio Starter Kit

Everything you need to get your studio onboard!

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To start using LessonMate, you'll need to get your studio onboard. Changing policies can be a smooth ride just so long as everyone knows where the train is headed!

Concierge Import Service

To help you get started right away, we'll import your whole school onto LessonMate - students, families and teachers. All we need is a the right info. Here's what to do.

Introducing LessonMate to Students and Families

  • LessonMate Family Introduction video

Here's the link if you need to email your students/families.

We have a demo lesson page that you can pass on to your teachers to help them get acquainted with the software before they start creating actual lessons.

These are letters to both Students and Teachers (if you have multiple teachers in your studio)

Example makeup lesson to show teachers 

Here's a link to this makeup lesson to show your teachers. They can interact with it and get an idea of how to create a makeup.

Here is an article to pass on to your teachers about How to Create the Perfect Makeup Lesson. It will provide a template to create a video lesson that your families will love every time they miss!

Your website

Here is wording to use on your website explaining your new makeup policy.

"If you have to miss a lesson, {your name or "your teacher"} will create a complete online makeup just for you! This will entail a review of last weeks lesson as well as new concepts to work on for the week ahead. All this will be done via LessonMate, an app made just for makeups. A link to your makeup will be emailed to you as a reminder."
Of course, this is your policy and you'll want to customize as you see fit:)

Posters to put up in your studio

If you want to remind families of your policy, we've got a couple of posters you can print to hang in your studio.
LessonMate Poster option 1
LessonMate Poster option 2 

LessonMate Help Center

Visit our Help Center to where we've got more info about getting started and insight into all the features within LessonMate.

Once you begin your LessonMate journey, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!

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