This is what we'll need to import your school into LessonMate.

Teachers List
We need a spreadsheet of all your teachers and their emails - they'll use their email to sign in.
Example Teachers List as XLS | CSV

Student List
We need a spreadsheet of students names, a family name and the family email. If the student is an adult, we simply need their email again.
Example Student List as XLS | CSV

Private Lesson List
Finally, we need to match the student to their teacher.
Example Private Lesson List as XLS | CSV

Group class list
If you run group classes, we'll need a spreadsheet detailing class, teachers and students.
Example Group Class List as XLS | CSV

All this could be done manually or by exporting from your studio management software system. Different studio management software has various export capabilities. You might be able to export all this data into one spreadsheet from your management software or you might have to export as separate lists.

You can access all the example spreadsheets in one folder here.

Let's get you up and running asap!

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