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The 'Sign In As' feature
The 'Sign In As' feature

Access your teacher and family accounts for troubleshooting.

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The 'Sign In As' feature allows you to sign in to any teacher or family account in your studio. This is helpful for troubleshooting account issues or lesson status.

To sign in as a teacher click Teachers to go to the Teacher List. Find the teacher by name or email and click Sign in As.

To sign in as a family/student follow the same process from the Student List.

When you're signed in as another user you'll see the purple header bar reminding you that you're using a different account.

IMPORTANT: When you're done, click on Back to Admin on top right of the lesson page to return to your admin account. Do not use the browser Back button.

Note: the Sign In As feature does not work with locked accounts. Read more here:

If you experience any issues with this feature try clearing your LessonMate cookies:

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