To get your data imported into LessonMate we need your teacher list, your student list and a list of private and group classes.

When you have your lists simply drop them into the chat window on our site!

NOTE: For best results download your lists as CSV or XLS. Don't send a share link to your spreadsheet. In our experience this rarely works as expected.

Teacher List
A list of your teachers, their emails and optionally display names.
Teachers List template: XLS | CSV

Student List
A list of students names, family names and family email(s).
Student List template: XLS | CSV

Private Lesson List
A list of private lessons to match students to their teachers.
Private Lesson List template: XLS | CSV

Group Class List (optional)
A list of group classes showing class name, teacher and students.
Group Class List template: XLS | CSV

Most studio management software will let you run reports for all these lists. You might be able to export everything into one spreadsheet or you might have to export as separate lists. Whatever works for you, works for us! 😀

Message us if you need any assistance - we're here to help!

Let's get you up and running! 🚀

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