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How do I explain LessonMate to my students and families?

Tell your families you’re introducing an entirely new and improved approach to missed lessons! There’s no rescheduling or advance notice required and they’ll get a customized online lesson created by their teacher any time they miss.

When the first lesson is made for each student they’ll receive their sign in information by email along with a brief video introducing LessonMate. They’ll receive an email for every subsequent lesson and they can see all their past lessons on one simple dashboard.

Do my students or families have to sign up for LessonMate?

These accounts are created and managed by your front desk staff. Your students and families won’t have to do thing! They’ll be notified by email when their teacher creates their first lesson. The email will contain a direct link to their lesson and login info to their very own LessonMate account.

Does LessonMate offer two-way communication between teacher and student?

LessonMate has a messaging feature that allows students and teachers to exchange text-based messages within each lesson. The messaging feature is disabled by default but can be opted into by the school owner at any time.

Is LessonMate easy for my families and students to use?

LessonMate only requires students to have access to the internet. Nothing to download, nothing to sign up for. It works on almost every modern smartphone, tablet and computer.

What about families with multiple students and students with multiple teachers?

Each family uses a single login to view all the lessons for their students, regardless of how many students they have or how many teachers their students have. This keeps everything clean and simple.

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