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Do my teachers need to sign up for LessonMate?

Your teachers do not need to sign up individually. Their accounts will be created and managed by you or your front desk staff. When they’re added to LessonMate they will receive a welcome email with their sign in details and links to example lessons and the demo lesson page.

Are there any example lessons for my teachers to see?

Yep! We have some example lessons that you, your teachers and staff can view and interact with to better understand how to create online lessons. View an example lesson.

How can I be sure my teachers will understand how to use LessonMate?

Some people do have challenges with technology. We get it. When you enter a teacher into your LessonMate account, they will receive emails explaining how to use LessonMate and some example lessons for them to reference. We promise that everyone will understand all the ins and outs of LessonMate!

When do my teachers create the online lessons?

Teachers create online lessons during the student’s normally scheduled lesson time. If Bobby misses his Monday 3:30 lesson, his teacher creates the lesson during that lesson time and the family receives the email right away. What could be easier!

What information will you send to my teachers?

We’ll introduce LessonMate and give them example online lessons to interact with. We’ll also give them the link to our demo lesson page so they can begin creating lessons even before they have their own teacher account. Once their account is created, they’ll get a series of emails about specific features, like recording and uploading video, and how to use them. We want your teachers to have all the info they need to hit the ground running.

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