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What information do I need to enter to get started with LessonMate?

To get your studio up and running right out of the gate we offer a free import service for all of your student and teacher information.

Whatever studio management system you use, we can take your data and import it directly into LessonMate. We create your front desk, teacher and family accounts and add all your students and assign them to their teachers.

We also take care of any group classes you might have and assign students accordingly.

What devices are compatible with LessonMate?

Just about every smartphone, tablet and computer will work well with LessonMate. Make sure the device is up to date with the most current operating system and if you’re using a laptop or desktop we recommend using Chrome browser to record and upload video.

Do I need a special internet connection?

No, any standard internet connection should suffice. The core feature of LessonMate is recording and uploading videos. This is where internet speed will come into play the most.

Read more about the technical details here

Do my teachers and staff need special training to use LM?

No special training is required. As long as they can use a mobile phone or a computer they already know everything they need. We’ll send you, your teachers and your staff all the info they need to understand how to use LessonMate. It’s super easy and intuitive to use and we’re more than happy to personally show you around.

How secure is LessonMate?

LessonMate was built with security and privacy in mind. The website and web application are hosted with secure, industry-standard SSL encryption. Internally, every account from the school owner and admins to teachers and families are all password protected.

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